A resilient project proposed by Francesco Arecco

2020 03 25

In the beginning of 2020 the whole world experimented personal segregation due to Corona Virus 2019.At the time of writing, it is unknown how large and how long the pandemic will last. Certainly a few months of personal segregation will still be needed. But the resumption of activities that involve the presence of several people in the same environment, indoors or outdoors, could last for a long time.

In this historical moment in which we have more time to think, to generate new ideas and share them through socials, it seemed important to me, as an artist, to ask myself again and share some fundamental questions:
Which is the role of the existing art today?
Which art would be interesting to produce in the future and which role could it play within a renewed society?
How the relationship between artists and audience could change?
What is the art place?

While reflecting on these points, I wrote this open project called ART SEEDS that aims to reflect on these questions, involving artists, professionals and art operators on the main theme of the creation of the art of the future.

I will start with myself. In the next months I’ll create art works for places that I can reach without breaking the legal provisions that limit my movements, apparently anonymous places that deserve to be considered for their precious, symbolic or historical strength.
I will film the installation and provide the coordinates to allow anyone to visit (virtually or, once allowed, personally) it and create a debate on the work and on its main themes. My poetics will focus on i) the relationship between art works and spectators, between person and person, between persons and places, and ii) on the possibility, through art, of overcoming time, physical and cultural barriers, on iii) resilience and hope. A new geography of artworks and projects of artworks. Naturally, each one called to intervene will introduce their own poetic vision.

This video illustrate the first seed I placed.

Francesco Arecco 


This project aims to extend this practice to other artists whose interventions will be part of a digital platform to be shared with everyone is interested in visiting these ordinary/extraordinary exhibition spaces.

Those who are interested to join the project (artists and critics and art operators) are asked to create works, send to info * resilienza.art the video/photographic documentation and the geographical coordinates of the place where they are (or are proposed to be) LEGALLY* installed.

Each of these projects will help to create a new geography of exhibition spaces, a widespread and ever growing museum, an opportunity to change the perspective on art, in the general change of the social system we’re moving towards.

The following video explains the aims of the project.

Chiara Cardini

* “Legally” means installed with the consent of the owners of the places, respecting the laws (e.g. environmental or fine arts law) and the restrictions on the movement of people imposed in time of Corona Virus 19.


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