Resilienza is a working group born in Milan in 2013 from the will of Ilaria Bignotti and Francesco Arecco, together with a first group of intellectuals and artists.

Its purpose is to enhance the historical and current Italian cultural heritage and to generate opportunities for dialogue with the rest of the world.

Resilience is not politically aligned and has no legal form. In this way she is free to collaborate and act with all organizations; the only foreclosures are ethical in nature.

In recent years Resilienza has worked with institutions, associations and businesses, creating exhibitions, cultural events, debates and publications.


Here after, a selection of the activities carried out:

2011, Turin Smart City, personal exhibition by Francesco Arecco: 250 people participate in the realization of ARCA, wooden installation

2012, Orestiadi Foundation, Institute of High Culture of the Presidency of the Republic, Gibellina (TP), personal exhibition by Francesco Arecco: 500 children and adults participate in the realization of ARCA, stone installation

2014, Milan, Spazio GIVA, exhibition of sculptors who are part of Resilienza

2014, Serravalle Outlet, art exhibition in retail spaces

2014, Palermo resilient city, exhibition at the RISO Museum

2015, Milan, SEGREEN BUSINESS PARK, Resilienza takes care of the inauguration of the new Business center and the management of the competition for the construction of a monument in the center of the square

2015, Realization for the Orestiadi Foundation of Gibellina of the art exhibition for the “Contemporary Day – Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums (AMACI)”

2015 to date, ideation of Through Festival, Piedmont

2016, Milan, Foro Bonaparte, setting up of a structure for accommodation

2016, Kranj (Slovenia), art exhibition in the former antiarea galleries

2016, Cluj Napoca (Romania), art exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the Iaga Gallery

2017, Museum of San Rocco, Trapani, double inaugural exhibition of the structure

2017, Milan, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, installation of a work in the classroom dedicated to the founder Agostino Gemelli

2017, Milan, Bocconi University and Studio Lombardini22, exhibition The art of Sustainability, within the framework of “The CSR and Social Innovation Exhibition”

2018, Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo, participation in the “European Biennale of Contemporary Art Manifesta12” with the project of Francesco Arecco Men and Things

2018, Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo, conference by Giacomo D. Ghidelli on the history of Olivetti communication

2018, Bank of Italy, Palermo, art exhibition within the “Palermo Capital of Italian culture” kermesse

2018, Venice, “Festival For The Earth”, exhibition at the Cà Foscari University

2019, Parodi Ligure, “Through Festival”, art exhibition in the former abbey of San Remigio

2019, Montecarlo-Sanremo, “Festival For The Earth”, performance by a youth choir with original environmental-themed songs



In addition, the publisher Mimesis has entrusted us with the management of the Resilienze editorial series. Today the curators are Francesco Arecco and Giacomo D. Ghidelli. The series has many titles freely downloadable at this LINK and includes the following volumes:

  • Emilio Isgrò, cursed Tuscans, blessed Italians
  • AA.VV., Resilienza italianaAA.VV., In the beginning is the earth
  • AA.VV., Instant vibration gesture
  • AA.VV., The privilege of lightning
  • Elena Mencarelli, Maria Rebecca Ballestra, A phenomenology of the posthuman
  • Simona Brunetti, Antonello Tolve (edited by), The system of artists
  • Antonello Tolve, Atmosphere, climatic attitudes in today’s art
  • Anna Radaelli (edited by), Contemporary art for water
  • Sergio Coppola and Alessandro Coscia, Secret stories on the way to China
  • Giusy Checola (edited by), Hidden pavilions. The regeneration of the underground space as a resilient infrastructure. Aesthetic and functional dimensions of the distant future.
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