ART SEED #24. TANA QUINCY ARCEGA. 33°87’53″N 117°55’64″W


My seeds are small flags which serve to mark the world’s re-entry into routines, to life as we knew it in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sewn from woven polypropylene (sourced at a construction site) and terry cloth (sourced from home), they commemorate both the act of forging ahead into said “productivity” and the act of sheltering in place/remaining inert. Their colors render both caution for the living and a memorial for the dead.
Flag Vigils mark the path as governments attempt to revitalize economies, will we remember how our collective “in-action” has affected us? We’ve grown our own gardens, baked our own bread, taught our own kids. We’ve gone out running instead of commuting to work, held Zoom meetings, and limited our shopping. For a moment the homeless are housed, prisoners freed, and ecosystems regenerated.
These wary reminders are placed well below eye-level, somewhat like our consciences. We rush back to pick up where we left off and our over-stimulated brains drown out the warnings that hum distant and deep within. These
stationary protests are staked into the ground, nocturnal devotions against forgetting.

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